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+ - Re: +++ The most holy power of priests and the holy gen (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

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+ - Re: HELP: I m looking for christmas greetings in foreig (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I see that someone has already provided you with the Swedish version of 
"Merry Christmas," but perhaps you would like to know "Happy New Year" 

The Swedish version of "Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year" is "God Jul 
och Gott Nytt Ar."  ( the 'A' of Ar has a small circle above it; sorry I 
can't reproduce this letter on my computer's keyboard!)

I hope this helps you and good luck finding translations in other languages!



+ - Re: Is there a Hungarian word for "cool"? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article >,
Gyorgy Kovacs > wrote:
| Istvan Szucs > wrote:
| >
| >You guys are all old ;)! 
| Fortunately it does not slow us down ;^)
| >Meno" is not a eighties-nineties word like
| >cool is kiraly, tok jo are much more in then what most
| >people proposed.
| Tok jo, baromi jo, esetleg allati jo meg oregebbek mint a meno"
| Talan Pennsylvaniaban nem hasznaltak a 80-90-es evekben, de Debrecenben es 
| Szegeden igen.
| >Istvan
| GK

Nem is hallottam Szeged, Ohio-rol :) (a nyolcvanas eveket
teljes egeszeben Budapesten toltottem, es a kilencvenes
evekben is minde nyaron otthon voltam).  A kerdes inkabb az
hogy ugyanaz a korcsopo rt aki itt a cool-t hasznalja az
hasznalja e otthon a meno"-t. Szerintem nem!

+ - Re: The Ottoman Empire and the German Reformation (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

-Surensoy,E. wrote:
>         No Turk was ever given any privilge or oportunity by Ottoman as
>         "timar" or any position in Ottoman power hierarchi; on the contrary,
>         all Turks were deliberately kept by the Ottoman sytsem of oppression,
>         which was composed of all devshirmes who were former Christian conver
>         of Greek, Armenian, and other Eastern European origins, as the most
>         ignorant and powerless socially, economically and every other way.
>         On the other hand Barbarossa's father was a very successfull Janissar
>         that's why he was given a good timar; according to the Ottoman
>         devshirme procedures, he was taken from his Greek Ortadox family
>         when he was 8-9 years old as a tax and trained at an Ottoman military
>         school as a janissary in which he excelled so well that he was
>         promoted to higher ranks ("timarli sipahi" a cavalry soldier) and
>         given a timar as his retirement pension by his Ottoman masters who
>         were devshirmes, including Suleyman, like himself was one.
>         Nevetheless, Barbarossa was corsair for almost all his life; and it
>         shows how unethical the Ottoman system of oppression was in choosing
>         its people.
>                                 ../..
> In article ),
> Deniz Akkus  ) wrote:
> )) ) )         Another typical example was a man known by the name Barbarossa
, a
> )) ) )         very successful(!) Greek Christain corsair, and a renegate, at
> )) ) )         age of 67 or 68 converted valuntarily (of course to serve for 
> )) ) )         own benefits) to become a Moslem (Ottoman style) and an Ottoma
> )) ) )         Pasha to command the Ottoman naval fleets as the Ottoman Grand
> )) ) )         Admiral.
> )) ) )
> )) ) )         Barbarossa was one of 4 sons of a former Ottoman devshirme (a
> )) ) )         Janissary) during Suleiman II times born on the Greek Island o
> )) ) )         Mytilene, the ancient Lesbos. His father was a young boy when 
> )) ) )         abducted him from his Greek Christian parents to convert him t
o Moslem
> )) ) )         and trained him to be a Janissary. After he retired, he return
ed to
> )) ) )         his native island took up pottery for living and married the w
> )) ) )         of a Greek Orthodox priest who gave birth to his four sons, Is
> )) ) )         the eldest who was a merchant, and the other three (Uruj, Khai
> )) ) )         known as Barbarossa, and Elisa) were corsairs.
> )) ) )
> )
> )Just some corrections here.  Barbarossa's father was a "timarli sipahi"
> )a cavalry soldier who had been given a "timar" namely the tax income of
> )a piece of land in recognition of his service.  He might or might not
> )have been a janissary -- there were instances of janissaries that became
> )"timarli" and left the janissary corps.   Therefore we do not know
> )whether or not Barbarossa's father was Muslim born or not.
> )
> )His mother was Christian, this is correct.  Marriage to a "woman of the
> )book" is allowed for Muslim men in Islam.  Children of course, would be
> )brought up Muslim.
> )
> )It is without a doubt no matter even if Barbarossa was the son of a
> )janissary and a Christian woman and therefore of 100% Christian stock
> )(whatever that means) that Barbarossa would be born Muslim.  His father
> )was either a Muslim convert (devshirme) or born Muslim and therefore
> )Barbarossa would be born Muslim.
> )
> )BTW, Hayreddin is the name given to him by Sultan Suleyman the
> )Magnificent.  His name before that was Hizir (I think).  When Sultan
> )Suleyman made him Admiral of the Navy, he was given the name Hayreddin,
> )meaning "blessed" or "auspicious".   Perhaps it is this name change and
> )the dropping of outlaw status and forgiving his crimes that you remember
> )as having happened later in his life as he made the transition from
> )Barbarossa Hizir Reis the corsair to Barbaros Hayreddin Pasha, Chief
> )Admiral of the Ottoman Navy.
> )
> )regards,
> )Deniz Akkus
> )
> )PS.  Nice bit of recruitment that was.  I am in favor of this sort of
> )stuff.  Get the hackers to write security software and all that.

Dear Enis,

You are incorrect in saying that no Christian could be given the timarlik 
income.  A relevant early example is that Mehmed II , the Conqueror gave 
huge holding in Macedonia to both Mara Brankovic, his stepmother, and her 
father, George Brankovic, the Serbian successor state prince who later 
moved out of Osmanli control.  So you see, this was common in the 14th 
century.  It should also be note that this basiclaly relicated the 
Byzantine tax collection system in principle with the addition of the 
head tax added to it. 

Galina Schneider
+ - Re: Soros sponsoring legalization of marijuana? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

 (Gabor Barsai)
|The sixties? We learned about age that in history class! No wonder 
|your posts are a valid representation of senility. Too bad you'll 
|be pushing up grass before you can become a really bad poet, 
|instead of a pseudo poet.

MEDIOCRITY: The quality or condition of being mediocre; a moderate or average
degree of mental ability, talents, skill, or the like;
middling capacity, endowment or accomplishment. Now chiefly with disparaging
implication, in contrast with excellence or superiority. OXFORD DICTIONARY.

                    MEDIOCRITY MEASUREMENT
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           95|     ##  ##  ##                         |
           90|     ##  ##  ##                         |
           85|     ##  ##  ##                         |
           80|     ##  ##  ##                         |
           75| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           70| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           65| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           60| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           55| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           50| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           45| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           40| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           35| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           30| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           25| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           20| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           15| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
           10| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
            5| ##  ##  ##  ##                         |
 Sentence No.|  1   2   3   4   5   6   7   8   9  10 |

SENTENCE 2: "We learned about age that in history class!"
            Simply incomprehensible! Obviously Goober can't
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+ - Bikini vagy nagyferó (? Re: Is there a Hungarian word f (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

In article > Gyorgy Kovacs,

"Milyen baro' karcorad van,
minden oraban pitty, pitty"

+ - ??? (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

+ - Re: Bikini vagy nagyferó (? Re: Is there a Hungarian wo (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Szerintem Rolls Frakcio, de nem biztos. Regen volt ....
+ - Re: Bikini vagy nagyfero (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

T. Kocsis  > wrote:
>"Milyen baro' karcorad van,
>minden oraban pitty, pitty"

Szerintem Rolls Frakcio, de nem biztos. Regen volt ...
+ - Re: HELP: I m looking for christmas greetings in foreig (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

On Tue, 22 Oct 1996, Ron Wijben wrote:

> Hello everybody,
> I live in the Netherlands and I'm looking for christmas greetings in many 
> foreign languages, for example:
> Merry christmas and a happy new year (English)
> Prettige kerstdagen en een gelukkig nieuwjaar (Dutch)
> Who can help me to find more international christmas greetings?
> If so, mail to: 
> --
> Thanks!
> Greetings,
  Vesele Vanoce a stastni novy rok (Czech)

+ - Arpi bacsi bagatellizal (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Valoban igaz lenne a kovetkezo hir?

"Legendak nelkul, emberkozelben (MH)

Az 1956-os forradalomrol le kell hantani a folos legendakat, az 
unnepsegeket emberkozelbe kell hozni, megszuntetve protokollaris 
jelleget, elfogadva azt a gondolatot, hogy ez elsosorban azok 
unnepe, aki reszt vettek benne.  Mindezt Goncz Arpad koztarsasagi 
elnok mondta az unnep elott adott televiziointerjujaban hetfon este."
> -------------------------------------------------------------------

Meg tudna valaki magyarazni milyen "folos legendakrol" beszelt Arpi apo?
Ugyanis nekem inkabb az a benyomasom, hogy odahaza inkabb alabecsulik
56-ot, nem pedig felertekelik, amit a "legendakra" valo utalas sugall.

De ennel jobban utotte meg a fulemet az, hogy szerinte okt. 23.
elsosorban azok unnepe, akik reszt vettek 56-ban.  Tekinteve, hogy azok
rovidesen kihalnak, nem lesz ki unnepelje azt majd?  Akkor miert
unnepeljuk marcius 15-et?  Elvegre az akkori resztvevok kozott mar senki
sem el jo regen.  Persze 1848 emleke is elegge elfelejtodott volna, ha
kozben nem keletkezett volna olyan irodalma, amilyen, beleertve a
szindarabokat es filmeket is.  Mert az ilyesmik jobban segitettek 1848
tovabbeleset a fejekben, mint unnepi beszedek es felvonulasok szazai.
Ezzel szemben mi van 56-al kapcsolatban?  Eddig meg egy jo jatekfilmet
sem tudtak osszehozni rola, pedig biztos vagyok, hogy szamos mas,
kornyezo nep olni tudna, ha valami olyasmit tudnanak felmutatni
tortenelmukben, mint a mi 56-unk volt.  Forgatnak is filmek tucatjait
rola, amikben a jelentektelen esemenyekbol is nagy legendakat
koltenenek.  Ezzel szemben mi meg a buszkesegre okot ado esemenyeket is
elbagatellizaljuk.  Szoval hol itt a legendagyartas amire Arpi tata

Hogy mekkora tudatformalo ereje van a tortenelemoktatasnak, megha az
joreszt kitalalt is, eleg ha megnezzuk delkeleti szomszedaink esetet.

A kovetkezo kijelentest is eleg nagy csusztatasnak tartom:

"A forradalmat ertekelve az allamfo egyetertett Bibo Istvannal, aki 
szerint 1956 az emberi meltosag lazadasa volt.  Ezert volt egyseges, 
ezert lehetett a munkastanacsokban egyutt talalni a kommunistakat es 
a nem kommunistakat."

Hat bizony akkoriban nem igen lehetett komsikat talalni a
munkastanacsokban, hacsak nem olyanokat, akik pro-forma tagok voltak
Rakosi orszaglasa alatt.  Azok meg 56-ra ugy megtagadtak azt a
multjukat, mint a szadeszosok a maoista kacerkodasukat korabban.
De szerintem inkabb az volt a jellemzo, hogy meg olyan volt komsik sem
voltak a munkastanacsokban, mint a mostani szadeszban.

Azt hiszem ami eleg tisztan kiveheto ebbol a beszedbol az az, hogy 
a paktumos elnok igyekszik osszemosni a barikadok kulonbozo oldalain
levo szereploket.  Mar pedig annak idejen a hatarvonalak nagyonis is
tisztan rajzolodtak ki.

Pannon J.
(aki ott volt)
+ - Hungarian Dance Performance on 10/25 (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

Tisza Ensemble performs in Pittsburgh area on 10/25 (Saturday)
at 3:00PM & between 6:00PM & 7:00PM

Directions to the Pittsburgh Heritage Festival:

Get on the Pennsylvania Turnpike at Breezewood.  Go approximately 100
miles to the Monroeville exit.  Take exit toward Pittsburgh and Business
22.  Stay on 22 about 2 miles, following signs to Monroeville Mall.  Get
off 22 at Mall exit, which will put you on an overpass above 22.  Follow
signs for EXPO CENTER.

Szilvia Bal=E1zs

-- L=E1sd Tisza Egy=FCttes web oldal=E1t - Please visit the homepage of the
   Tisza Ensemble:

WWW                : http://www.glue.umd.edu/~hungaria/Tisza
personal email     : 
+ - Re: HELP: I m looking for christmas greetings in foreig (mind) VÁLASZ  Feladó: (cikkei)

I am sure  that you alredy have christmas greting in russian so 
this is Monglian version: ( please note that Christmas is not a 
popular holiday for most of mongolians but christians in this 
country will use this greetings) Ertencing ezeniy maendelsnii 
baiarig hurgee. Sory this is mayby to long but this is it!